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Take your place in the web

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System providers estimate that becoming accustomed to a graphical interface should require about eight hours of training. Other experts say the learning time is closer to 20 or 30 hours.

Wilbert O Galitz – The Essential Guide to User Interface Design

If so, where does that leave your common or garden web application or site? Only Facebook, Google and handful of others

How to learn – part 3 (Go to a Barcamp)

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Or, even better, help organise one.

I’ll be doing both over the next couple of months.

Starting with Barcampbrighton4, which takes place in just a couple of week’s time. This will be my first Barcamp and my first time presenting on something* to a group of people I’ve never met before. I’m mainly relying on the natural decency of my potential audience to get me through that one

UHC are Ext inked

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Although its been a while now since I worked there, I’ve always tried to keep up to date with what UHC are up to. An explicitly political art and design studio, their work is witty, thought provoking and beautifully crafted. One of their latest projects is an imaginative celebration of Darwin’s bicentenary, the ‘Ext Inked’ exhibition. As well as exhibiting hand-drawn illustrations of

How to learn part two (read books)

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Books. Read as many as you can. Although they can age rapidly, especially those concerned with technology, there isn’t a much better way to get an overview of something. Good ideas never lose their value and you’re more likely to find something other people haven’t considered, or have forgotten about, especially if you consult older books. For example one of the best texts I’ve ever read on the subject of

New Year’s resolutions

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Some things I really aught to be doing next year. I’m hoping by making some sort of public record I might actually shame myself into doing some of them.

Do usability testing

Do some practical user tests on actual prototypes in our new projects at Setfire Media. I firmly believe that Web design is in many respects product design, can’t design products without understanding of users in their own environment

My Work – Big Monster

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The Outer Cover

Big Monster - Outer

The Inside

Big Monster - Inner
In no particular order, I’m beginning the process of documenting some of my work that isn’t online. In this case, it’s Big Monster.

Big Monster are a couple of Manchester-based musicians who are(were?) signed to the Fat Records label. I’m a total perfectionist, so I’m rarely happy, but this is