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I have been drawing since I can’t remember, and have loved it ever since. For reasons my teenage self can only answer however, I found myself doing a degree in Philosophy at Manchester Uni when I left school. But it wasn’t long after graduation that I gravitated back towards creative work and became a full-time designer shortly after. A few years ago I changed jobs and became a web-designer, and have been in love with the web ever since. Although these days I’m in touch with my inner geek, my sketch pad and pencil are still at the heart of everything I do.

Since spending most of my adult life in Manchester, my wife and I decided to move out to Southwold, Suffolk to escape the big city and live the quiet life. Whilst I can confirm we’re definitely living in Southwold, we still don’t seem to have managed to have a very quiet life, but that’s probably something to do with having two (gorgeous) kids and running two separate businesses.