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How touch is changing interaction design

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Luke Wroblewski has some great notes on the recent Event Apart, San Francisco. There’s lots of interesting content but the talk by Josh Clark, ‘Buttons are a hack’ I found particularly inspiring. It really brought home to me how fast things are moving now and how the changes touch interfaces are creating are deeper and more profound than I’d anticipated. Josh talks about how touch interfaces are creating opportunities to create more intuitive interfaces that rely on natural, instinctive actions rather than the buttons and labels that are the mainstay of many desktop web designs.

Buttons are a hack but they are an inspired hack. They operate at a distance by creating abstractions away from content. Do we still need that hack on a touch interface? Can we instead aim for direct interactions with

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However, as he points out, the move to be more intuitive creates challenges for how users learn the system.

How do you find gestures? They are hidden, unlabeled, and as a result hard to discover. People will figure things out by trying physical or mouse-based conventions as gestures.

An Event Apart: Buttons are a Hack

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