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New dev tools in Firefox

Posted on by Superdeluxesam

Having taken my eye off Firefox development recently, it was with interest that I noticed some of the recent additions to the latest release, version 10.0. Of particular concern to my geeky side are the integrated html/css inspectors.

Whilst having a few irritating quirks – multiple clicks are needed to bring up a dom view for example, the overall feel is solid and polished. It also seems as though some of the slight flaws in the current ui will probably only be temporary – a cursory look at what’s ahead for Firefox’s dev tools shows that there are lots more improvements that will be going live in the next couple of months.

One thing that jars a little is the comparison between this and Firebug, which concerned me at first, however a bit of investigation showed that this too is a temporary state of affairs, with closer integration of the native dev tools and firebug planned for the near future also.

Overall it’s great to see more of these kinds of updates by Firefox, which really represent genuinely useful improvements and will hopefully help to bolster their flagging reputation in the eyes of many users and developers. And hey, you’ve got to love crazy shit like this

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