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Automation – setting up local copy of wordpress

Posted on by Superdeluxesam


I’m not a particularly good programmer, but I do know enough to know that there are aspects of my WordPress development that could benefit from being automated.

In this instance, the usual by-the-numbers setup stuff I do every time I start a new project. In an effort to do that, I’ve ventured into the world of bash scripting to pull together the basic things I do to get a new local copy of my blog going. Here it is, in all it’s glory. Please feel free to comment(constructively) if you feel it could be improved*. My eventual aim is to end up with something that generates dummy content and users etc, but that depends on me finding the time of course.

Points to bear in mind:

It takes a single argument – the name for your dev site and uses that to create a name for the db, password etc. i.e.:

$ sudo yoursitename

I do that because it’s simple to do and for dev purposes I’m not too fussy. However, there might be more subtle ideas that would make

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moving to live easier. Something to think about for the future perhaps.

Note that it also uses sudo, to run the script as root. I do this as I’m editing the apache config files and I have to be root to do that, I think. Maybe there’s a simpler way of doing that, feel free to let me know.

This uses a git clone of the latest stable release from the WordPress svn repo. I do this because I’m familiar with git, but clearly adapting this to svn wouldn’t be too complicated.

*The answer to this is clearly yes.

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