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Getting into typography

Posted on by Superdeluxesam

I’ve had a few requests recently for decent books to learn about typography. So I thought I’d share a few here that I’ve found particularly helpful in developing my knowledge of type.

Thinking With Type

A great book, which also has a great companion website. Distinguished by the clarity and simplicity with which it deals with it’s subject. Typography is a big subject and Lupton does a great job describing the essentials without drowning you in detail.

Thinking with Type is by Ellen Lupton.

Stop Stealing Sheep and Find Out How Type Works

Stop Stealing Sheep and Find out Type Works
Another beautifully simple book that is a great introduction to typography for someone who knows little or nothing about the subject.

Stop Stealing Sheep and Find Out How Type Works is by Erik Spiekermann &
E.M. Ginger.

The Elements of Typographic Style.

The Elements of Typographic Style, By Robert Bringhurst
A bit more in depth that the first two, but great for developing a more thorough grounding in the various areas of typography, still written in a very accessible style.

The Elements of Typographic Style is by Robert Bringhurst.

The New Typography

A seminal work, by one of the twentieth centuries masters – Jan Tschichold – which helped establish the use of Sans-Serif typefaces in modern design. Although things have clearly moved on a great deal since then, his work still influences many people now, so it’s worth reading it just for that.

The New Typography is by Jan Tshichold.

The Stroke: A Theory of Writing

A bit more off the beaten track this one, but Noordzij’s thoughtful analysis of writing and typography is great for developing a deeper understanding of the design of letters and how to compose beautiful sentences with them. Incidentally, the publisher, Hyphen press has a series of great, beautifully designed books on various aspects of design and are well worth a look if you want something a bit different.

The Stroke: A Theory of Writing is by Gerrit Noordzij

Let me know if you find these books useful, and if there’s any others you think should be in this list.

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