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Aicher’s systemic approach to design

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Hans G. Conrad: Otl Aicher im Unterricht an der Hochschule für Gestaltung Ulm

The HfG team convinced Braun to embrace more than just this brief encounter with the modern. Their rough model, which was constructed on a graphic grid, represented the “Ulm Ideal,” according to which technology and form were developed mutually and systematically to produce a functioning whole

Markus Rathgeb – Otl Aicher

Finally got round to reading this excellent book about the life and work of Otl Aicher, and spotted this interesting passage. Aicher is an inspirational figure for any designer, for the breadth and quality of his work as well as the deep, philosophical roots to his work. One thing that consistently appears in his thinking is the idea of designing systems, the most famous of which was the design work for 1972 Olympics in Munich, which remains the de facto model for a branding system.

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