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My new design; feedback please!

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Well, as the rains pour down over Manchester once more, it seems like summer here has come to its usual abrupt and soggy end. I’m somewhat thankful, hoping that the slower pace of autumn and winter might bring some breathing space after what has been an unbelievably hectic few months filled with grief, excitement and too much drinking.

Lots of things changed for me over summer; my dad passed away before my eyes, I was made redundant, decided to become a freelancer and my son became even more gobby(but still wonderful; he’s a long way from being a teenager). Busy times.

In respect of starting my own business, I probably should have done this all a bit sooner, but nevertheless, here we are, the new version of It’s not finished, but then websites never are, are they? Well, that’s my excuse. If you do happen to spot the odd wrinkle, I would be delighted if you could point that out to me, by sending me a message, or feel free to comment below. Showering me with praise is also acceptable.

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