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Northern Digitals BLAB – Seb Lee-Delisle and Brendan Dawes

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Northern Digitals notes

Last night’s Northern Digitals BLAB night was typically thought-provoking and inspiring. The two speakers, Seb Lee-Delisle and Brendan Dawes both had a lot to say and a clear passion for what they do, which always makes for an interesting presentation.

What really struck me was how both talks reflected the desire within probably all of us digital creative types to create interactions and products that are evermore captivating. Brendan talked about the intimacy of using touch-screen devices* and crafting original, different experiences. Seb’s talk demonstrated the ways sound could be used to deepening engagement in interactions; for example the right sound can make a simple animated shape seem heavier, lighter, faster and so on.

It raised some questions within me about what it means to be trying to captivate people in this way, and to try to illicit particular kinds of behaviour. Who knows; there’s lots that could be said on that topic, but I definitely don’t have time for that right now. Whatever ethical questions that might have sprung to mind, there was no doubt the ideas and work on show was fun, exciting and inspiring. Let’s face it, the drumming bit was cool. Even if I did feel like we were going to collectively fall through the floor while Seb attempted to capture the sound of us stamping in unison**.

A good night, definitely worth the fiver entry and I will definitely be going to the next one.

* Something that was echoed in this report by User Intelligence

** The high point of Seb’s talk was his demo of a visual sampler he’d written as an experiment with the latest features of flash. He collected various videos using a web cam, and the sequencer then allowed him to play them back like an musical instrument.

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