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Barcamp Brighton – my thoughts

Posted on by Superdeluxesam

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I’m fresh back from Brighton Barcamp4 and what a time it was.

We were all aware that there were some challenges caused by the last minute venue change, not to mention the usual difficulties of putting on an event on a shoestring budget. But that didn’t detract from my overall feeling that this was a fantastic event, attended by many wonderful people.

If I had to boil it down to one thing that made this Barcamp work so well, it was probably conviviality. The diy nature of the event, coupled with the timescale meant barriers quickly dissolved and conversations began easily and without pretence. There was something quite beautiful about the slow pace of things, with everyone taking the time to converse with each other.

It was a nice contrast to my experiences of high-profile conferences, which struggled against the divisions between speaker and audience, and indeed the divisions between individual attendees.

So, the summary of the summary – great ideas, lovely people. Many thanks to all those who put in considerable effort to make the thing happen, it was very much appreciated. Onwards to Barcamp Manchester.

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