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How to learn – part 3 (Go to a Barcamp)

Posted on by Superdeluxesam

Or, even better, help organise one.

I’ll be doing both over the next couple of months.

Starting with Barcampbrighton4, which takes place in just a couple of week’s time. This will be my first Barcamp and my first time presenting on something* to a group of people I’ve never met before. I’m mainly relying on the natural decency of my potential audience to get me through that one.

Next up will be Barcampmanchester, which has recently been announced as taking place on the 7-8th of November, at the Contact Theatre in Manchester. This is a great venue, and even better it’s the first time an overnight Barcamp will be held in Manchester. I’ve also offered my services towards making this one happen, so I’m looking forward to finding out a bit more about how a Barcamp is run.

*Yeah, I’m still working on that.

Why Barcamp not conference?

Well, there is probably room for both things in this world, but from my (admitedly limited) experience, the point of going to these events are twofold:

1. Learn stuff

2. Meet people

I find that those two objectives are better served by small, participatory formats(i.e. Barcamp) rather than large, impersonal lecture-style formats(i.e. most conferences).

This will probably inform the kind of session I’ll run too – I would much rather run some kind of discussion or interactive workshop, as opposed to a small presentation. Hopefully something requires me to do the least amount of work possible.

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