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New Year’s resolutions

Posted on by Superdeluxesam

Some things I really aught to be doing next year. I’m hoping by making some sort of public record I might actually shame myself into doing some of them.

Do usability testing

Do some practical user tests on actual prototypes in our new projects at Setfire Media. I firmly believe that Web design is in many respects product design, can’t design products without understanding of users in their own environment.

Decide what I want to be when I grow up.

I’m not sure the job title ‘Graphic Designer’ really cuts it anymore. Certainly, I feel I should be actively moving away from that now, for the reason stated above. Its hard enough convincing clients and stakeholders that the web is more than just graphics, but calling yourself a Graphic Designer is just asking for it. What I will become is more difficult to say. I think I still enjoy tinkering and making things work too much to step completely away from the coal face. But I don’t think I’m nearly technical enough to be labeling myself ‘Front End Engineer’ or ‘Front End Developer’. I feel the need to be more broad-minded than just looking at the mechanics of the interactions. I’m interested in the mechanics and how they fit into the overall picture of the product.

Meet more interesting people, talk more to the interesting people that I know.

I need to network more, I always learn more from talking to people than I do reading a book. But in the rush to find exciting new friends I must also try not to forget the excellent people I already know. Sometimes its better to strengthen existing ties than create lots of new ones.

Go to a BarCamp

Sat at FOWD and later @Media, I pondered the value of sitting in a vast auditorium, whilst speakers of varying quality extolled their wisdom upon the crowd. It reminded me of lectures at university and why I learnt so little from them. It then set me immediately to thinking of another kind of event, something smaller, more personal, where speakers would be closer to the audience and the audience more directly involved in what was being presented. Wow, I thought, killer concept – I must try and put something like this together. Then I read about BarCamp, and realised it was already happening. So, I will definitely make it to at least one BarCamp in 2009, or hey, maybe even help organise one. Conferences might have some value for networking, but as a platform for learning, I think I’d favour participation over presentations any day.

Teach the world to sing

I mean, learn how to be more of an evangelist. I’ve had some success introducing new ideas into Setfire Media, where I work, but there’s lots more we could be doing. Working out the best way introduce new ideas and make sure the good ones stick.

Create more, consume less

Spend less time browsing feeds of all descriptions and more time putting my ideas and projects out into the world.

Draw more

As it says. I did a lot of rough sketching last year, but now I want to be making more finished pieces.

That’s all for now

That’s quite enough to be getting on with I think. Merry Christmas, etc.

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